How To Attach and Adjust your Strappys

First you must have a strapless or convertible bra.  Often these bras have removable clear bra straps. You need a bra without straps. The bra must have fabric loops to hold the hooks on your Strappys.  Pictured here are a strapless bra, a convertible bra and a bra that has fabric loops if you know where to look.

Strappys have hooks on both ends to slip through the  fabric loops at the front and back of your bra.

The pretty flowered bra on the right above, was modified.  The bra came with simple black bra straps (seen on left) attached to a metal ring that went through fabric loops already in the bra.  We removed the metal ring and switched out the strap. Here's how.

To adjust the strap to the right length, hold the decorative jewelry or beaded strap up to your regular bra strap.  Estimate the length that you will need based on the bra that you will be adding the straps to - a convertible bra will need less length.

Our adjuster chain has a decorative piece on the end.  You can let the chain dangle down your back (it will be under your shirt) OR you can trim off the excess chain.  Before you do this consider whether or not you may want to wear your strap with multiple bras.

HELPFUL HINT:  Don't think of your straps as decoration in front, adjuster in back...look at the top you are wearing and determine from there.  Top open in back?  Put decorative end in the back and attach adjuster in the front.

For our Beaded Bra Straps, they lay flat without any adjusters.  All of our beaded straps are designed with a little built in stretch. These are not adjustable but are designed with minimal stretch to fit most types of bras. They are NOT your typical stretchy beaded bra strap and will give you support.

So, try our beaded bra straps, rhinestone and jewelry bra straps, pearl bra straps or fancy fabric bra straps to keep your strapless bra in place and keep you feeling confident.  You no longer have to wear clear bra straps.  Wear shoulder jewelry instead!