Bra Strap Testimonials

Check out these responses (and ours back) from some of our happy bra strap wearing customers:

"Thank you for quick shipping, great product! The straps are very well made and easy to use. I have tried a lot of beaded straps and these are by far the best I have found."

We wish everyone would try our beaded bra straps.  They are so comfortable, you can sleep in them!

"My daughter and I still laugh about this - we were leaving the mall and a young guy walking by said, NICE!, nice bra straps gals. We were surprised he knew what they were!" Darleen

I bet you sparkle in your bra straps! I always like to say that Strappys turn heads.  You certainly will get noticed.  

“I just wanted to tell you that I really love my strappy’s….they are cute, comfortable and AFFORDABLE. I ordered two pair and will be ordering more. I have been showing them to the girls @ work and they LOVE them.” Iona

We aim for affordable because we know that every gal likes to accessorize but also needs money for shoes, lipstick and handbags!

“It took me a while but I had to write to tell you how much I love my strappys! When they arrived, I was shocked, they were even more beautiful than I ever expected. I wore them to a party and got compliments right away!”Toni

A gal loves a compliment! Don’t you love how this fashion accessory turns heads.

“Every time I give Strappys as a gift, every girl in the room wants a pair. Thank you for being my gift solution.”Trish

It’s important to come up with a unique and special gift. We try to have a decorative bra strap suitable for everybody. So please keep coming back. Perhaps you should “keep a gift pair on hand” – always prepared!

“I just received my Strappys and wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your note and wonderful packaging as well as your speedy turnaround time.” Denise

It’s always fun to unwrap a “gift” from the mail and we know you want it NOW so we ship ASAP, USPS Priority Mail. Strappys jewelry bra straps are the perfect gift, especially for yourself.

“I found Strappy’s randomly on the web and discovered a product that my daughter needed. I didn’t know what would happen since I had never heard of them. I was very happy with the shipment timing, the email communications, …and LOVED the Bra Straps. The product arrived in a very cute wrapping and note…and it just felt like a very good and caring company to work with.”Mary L.

Thank you. We do try to ship immediately. We love being in contact with our customers. We feel we have the best collection of decorative bra straps available.

“I got my order in the mail the other day and wore my new bra straps yesterday! I got so many compliments on them!! They are so beautiful, I LOVE THEM!” Linda S.

Isn’t it great to get a nice compliment here and there. It’s always a boost to know you look good, too. Wear our bra straps for any occasion, great for a fancy evening or just kicking around town in a tank top.

“I just got back from shopping for bras & put my new Strappys on. Wow, what a difference!!! They look great & work great, my tank top looks a million times better, I’m so happy!” Amy M.

So I can see this going two ways – I love how I look in these tank tops so I need to buy more, OR wow, I can finally wear the tank tops that I haven’t been able to wear. They’re as good as new. Go ahead, get a new top !!!

“I can’t wait to get more Strappys brastraps I absolutely love the ones I got and my husband thinks they look sexy…I couldn’t be happier!” Linda D.

Men do think Strappys are sexy! I think they find US sexy because we have more confidence that our tacky ugly bra straps aren’t peeking out!

“Wearing the rhinestone bra straps with my semi-formal holiday dress gave my outfit a more sophisticated look. I could actually dance at my husband’s Christmas party without tugging on my bra straps all night or worrying about my strapless bra falling down around my ankles. Thanks!” Melinda B.

So glad we could help you enjoy your party. Sounds like you had the right outfit and right attitude! YES, Strappy’s rhinestone bra strap can really dress up any outfit. Try it with your tank tops too!

“I wore the Trendy Circles jewelry straps to the Street Fair in Encinitas and out on Saturday night…I got lots of comments…Guys really love them.” Amy S.

Now girls, how can we NOT appreciate that! Guys have always been drawn to bare shoulders. Now you can reel them in with your shoulder jewelry.

“I just got the Black Confetti bra straps and can’t wait to pair them with a white tank and jeans for a casual but classy look.” Melanie

It couldn’t get any easier!

“We absolutely love love love the Strappy’s!! What an amazing product!! My mother has used her Strappys (flower beaded bra straps) EVERYDAY!!” Audrey

First of all, Mom is awesome. In the 40+ crowd women grew up HIDING their bra straps. She probably feels so much freedom. Is she over 40 or did I just shove my foot down my throat?

Ok it’s Summer Time! Pull out the tank tops, camis and all those cute thin strapped – strapless tops! If you are like me you wear a strapless bra with these shirts. I stopped wearing these cute shirts long ago due to uncomfortable strapless bra not holding their “cargo” very well. I received an email from Jane at about “Strappy’s” I love this idea!! It will help hold me together and will look so cute with the thin strapped tops and give a new look to a strapless top. Not only can I pull out the cute tops, I am going to buy more! Mommas-world

YES! She gets it! Strappys are all about fashion meeting function.

“I LOVED my last order. Gave one away to a friend and she loves it, too. I’m “hooked” on Strappys!! Anne M

Anne has 4 pairs of beaded bra straps and 2 pairs of rhinestone bra straps. Way to go girl!