Clear Bra Straps Are Not an Invisible Bra Strap Solution

Sexy, Sassy, Unique

Clear bra straps, clear strap braBras with clear or transparent bra straps are not an invisible bra strap solution!

Let's face it, invisibility in clothing is a rather made up idea.  So why are women wearing clear bra straps as a fashion accessory?

I believe it's because they don't know that a better solution for exposed bra straps exists.

When going out in a strapless bra, women have to give up comfort, shape and confidence. It is hard to feel confident when you're afraid your strapless bra may slide down to your waist.

Women latched onto the strapless bra with removable clear bra straps to keep from having to worry about their ugly bra straps sticking out from underneath their clothes. Let's face it, bra straps are a necessity at times. At Strappys, we get this. There is nothing worse than ruining a beautiful outfit with boring, dirty or ugly bra straps.

Bra straps too obvious Ugly white bra straps Boring white bra straps

Gain Confidence

It's just as easy to slip a decorative bra strap onto your bra as it is to slip on a clear bra strap.

With Strappys Decorative Bra Straps, you choose your style:

Frustrated without bra straps
Happy with decorative gold bra straps


Check out these photos from our customers across the country:

Ohio gal wearing gemstone bra straps
Washington DC gals wearing rhinestone bra straps
Colorado gal wearing trendy circles bra straps
Pennsylvania gal wearing elegant bra straps
Miss Ohio wearing classy bra straps
Cali gali wearing trendy circles bra straps