Bra Strap Exposure...Busted !!!

Clear bra straps are clearly not invisible bra straps. Black bra straps are not really a fashion statement. Friends just don't let friends run around with their bra straps hanging out! Visible bra straps can be found everywhere. Once you get hooked on Strappys, you can let your bra straps show!

At Strappys we like to think of bra straps as a fashion accessory or bra strap accessory. Most people are not looking at your bra (yes your shirt should cover that!) but our rhinestone bra straps will certainly take a plain white bra, dress it to the nines, and make people wonder “what kind of bra is she wearing?” Better yet, most people upon seeing our embellished bra straps don’t think they are bra straps! They think the strap is part of your clothing or some sort of shoulder jewelry.

Here are a few “what not to wear” examples and some great Strappy fashion solutions for them.

We would love to see this top with our White Flower Beaded Bra Straps or a simple Pearls on Gold Beaded Bra Strap.
HMMMM, clear bra straps are clearly not invisible bra straps! Please choose an embellished fabric bra strap or a beaded bra strap – BLACK, SILVER & GUNMETAL. Your bra straps can show if they enhance your outfit. Think shoulder jewelry or fashion accessory.
This gal needs some TRENDY CIRCLES jewelry straps or our Single Row Rhinestone bra straps to enhance this outfit.
So many shoulder jewelry options… Let’s see, a VINTAGE OVAL silver chain bra strap, SILVER or GOLD beaded bra straps, PEARL TWIRL jewelry bra straps.
Sitting on the dock of the bay with my bra straps hanging out! Wouldn’t you rather turn heads with a classy PEARL BEADED strap on your shoulder? Or how about a little bling? Try our RHINESTONE bra straps.