10 Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

10 easy tips to continue wearing your summer clothes but transition the look to fall.  One of our favorite websites is Fabulous after 40. Deborah Boland is a Style Expert who gives excellent fashion advice to women of all ages who like to feel confident in their clothing.  We found most of these tips on her site.

10 Smart and Easy Fashion Tips

  1. Top your sundress with a cute denim jacket or blazer, or cinch a cardigan with a thin belt.
  2. Add a ¾ or long sleeved shirt under your sleeveless summer dress.
  3. Add ankle boots rather than sandals to your dresses.
  4.  Tie the whole look together with a co-ordinating fall scarf.
  5. . Mix  other colors associated with fall into your wardrobe … think of the changing colors of leaves and the colors of fall fruits and vegetables. Mustard yellow, oranges and burgundy are hot colors for this fall, add a burgundy cardigan over a floral print dress would be a good start.
  6.  Dig out boots that spent the summer hidden away in your closet, wear them with bare legs and show off your tanned legs a little longer.
  7.  Layer, but leave some skin showing. Don't layer more than 3 layers! That cotton knit sweater you threw on over a tank during the summer is great for layering to take you into fall.
  8. Opaque tights and closed-toe shoes, like the plethora of ankle boots are a nod to fall - wear with skinnies and dresses, skirts
  9. Black is always important to update.  Go for a fab black leather coat, black leggings, black maxi skirt.
  10.  Put your pastel jeans away.  Opt for jewel tone and waxed denims, even metallics.

And of course at Strappys we like explain how our bra straps can be worn during the fall.  Chances are you will leave your house covered up, but as you go through your day and need to shed your layers, be prepared that your beige bra straps may not be appropriate when on display.  Save your look by wearing our beaded bra straps on your bra.  First they will lay flat - no adjuster bump under your clothing.  Second, when you do shed your layers or your beautiful new oversized sweater wants to slip off the top of your shoulder, catch their attention with your Strappys decorative bra strap fashion accessory, NOT your underwear!

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