Fashion Bra Straps almost as clever as the Nipple Bra, Doodle Bra, Joey Bra?

November 13, 2012  We thought we were pretty clever with our fashion bra straps by Strappys Decorative Bra Straps!  But check out some of these finds. You might want to sit down and be ready to forward to your BFF so she can share a laugh with you.

In the 1970’s it appears that having your nipples protrude from your shirt was a positive. Check out this product that once sold in America for $20.  Here are a few quotes from the advertisement:

“The look is so provocative; no one would believe you're actually wearing a bra. Yet you get all the support you want.

The 'braless-look bra', available in beige, white or black and made from sheer nylon trimmed with daisy lace, was the very first to have an built -in 'cold weather look' nipple.

'It's so sexy; it'll give your shape a whole new eye-opening dimension.”

Hilarious is what we say! Our Coobie Bras would be similar except that Coobie has taken care of the nipple protrusion issue by adding a little smoothing padding to the front of the bra.  It is removable though...

Check out the Joey Bra.  This actually gets us excited.  The concept is fantastic. Nowadays, with cars that have keyless entry/ keyless start, we could keep our keys in our bras all day and not have to take them out.  It is almost like getting that third arm every woman has thought about.  The best news is you can still purchase the Joey Bra.  You will find it here:

Have you heard of the Doodle Bra?  It was created in 2009 by Rachel Segal, at that time 19 years old.  The idea is you have a blank white bra that comes with washable markers.  The consumer is able to decorate their bra with the stencils included in the package or just free hand design. To “erase” the drawings, simply wash the bra. The concept is interesting but a little bit odd to us; however who are we to make this call?  As we researched the Doodle Bra we found some rocky patches in the story of the company organization and ahem…the spending of investors’ money.  The quality of the product doesn’t change, however, so if this is what makes wearing a bra more fun- then by all means…doodle on!

Certainly there is little more fun than checking out the fantastic and sometimes bizarre products that come to market.  Some products are zeros and some are heroes.  We hope you put Strappys on the top of your Hero list while doing your holiday gift shopping.

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