Halloween Inspiration and Costume Bra Straps

October 21, 2012  If you want to get your sexy on in your Halloween costume,  it's your chance to wear something fun and exciting without judgement!  So while you're flaunting your stuff, please don't flaunt your ugly bra straps.  You've got better choices!!

All of these costumes will turn heads. Now let's really get their attention with the right bra strap.  You know that beige or black bra strap that's a little frayed, twisted and even dirty is going to ruin these costumes.
Here are some better options:
Pirates, wenches, etc should go for the black lace bra strap with the skull bra charm attached   
Black cats should opt for crystals, rhinestone bra straps or leopard crystal gems  
Cheerleaders can opt for fabric rhinestone straps
Vampires and the LivingDead will love black beaded, black rhinestone and black lace bra straps

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