Own your look- Jennifer Garner keeps it real in post baby swimsuit

  October 3, 2012

Keeping it real: Jennifer Garner plays both sides of our reality. Being a woman is a wonderful and painful existence. We choose to stay on the positive side of life here at Strappys Decorative Bra Straps. When we don’t like what we have or get, we work hard to change it. Having said that, we sigh in agreement with all the women of America and even US Magazine when we say “Thank you, Jennifer Garner”. US Weekly titled the story, “Jennifer Garner Unveils Sexy Post-Baby Body in Retro Swimsuit!”. Phew, Jennifer just allowed us to be normal when it seems physical expectations are getting higher and higher as we get older. Will we ever give ourselves a break? Well, ladies?

While on a beach vacation Jennifer Garner donned what we would affectionately refer to as a mom suit. Yes, this was a simple, navy blue one piece swimsuit. It was cute and perfect for a mom that was actually planning to play with her children and husband in the ocean waves. No wardrobe malfunctions for that mom. 

What endears us most to this photo is we know that Jenn will soon appear on a red carpet stunning us in a dress that would make Princess Kate drool. We all hope to be that woman. The one who keeps a balance and can be both simple beauty and also jaw dropping hottie. Don’t hold back. We know you are that woman.

So get out there and show your beauty from the inside out. Confidence is key. Then it is about owning your body. Dress for your shape and size. No matter if you are super tiny or still working off that “baby weight”, clothing makes a huge difference. Too big or too small and you look less than your best.

Be sure to get the right undergarments. This could seriously make a 10 pound difference in your appearance. Panty lines affect bulges in waistline and rear end. Also, bra bulges and bust sag will change not only fit but posture.

Here is where we can help. Get a proper bra fitting and be sure to consider a convertible bra. You’ll be so glad you did because now you can wear Strappys any day you wish! Strappys will also extend your wardrobe into more trendy styles without compromising your undergarments. Whatever your style, own it.

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