Should Your Bra Straps Show? Should you wear clear bra straps?-- Coffee Shop Conversation

  September 26, 2012

We stumbled upon a recent blog post by ExPress-O by Diana Meiczan.  She shares the following story.

The other day while waiting for a friend in a cafe I overheard a couple of guys complimenting a girl's outfit. They found the look attractive and said that even though the girl wore shorts and a loose top, the peek-a-boo bra strap element made the whole look sexy in a classy way.”

Well, what do you think?  Should your bra straps show?  We say yes, but make them pretty.  And, while you are at it..make it affordable. 

Strappy’s Decorative Bra Straps are considered an accessory.  They are inter-changeable bra straps that work on any convertible or strapless bra.  You don’t have to worry about size because they are adjustable.  Because of this, they fit most women's shoulders. 

The question we get most concerns cup size.  We do have anwers.  For most women in a size DD you will want to stay with a wider style strap.  The upside is you can wear Strappy’s.  If you are larger than a DD we do suggest you wear Strappys only with a strapless bra as this will give you a great bit of support. Many of our jewelry straps are reinforced to work for women in the DD plus sizes - just ask. Strappy’s will finish off the support level  and insure that you won’t be lifting and tugging at your bra all day.   In fact, wearing Strappys to eliminate pulling up that strapless bra is a worthy benefit for all women.

What excites us most about the interchangeable factor is you can now save money and have your bra straps match your shirt or dress.  We see pictures of celebrities with peek-a-boo straps or a beautiful lacy bra showing through their shirt.  Sometimes the bras match the shirt and other times a contrasting color bra is chosen.  Now you can show your straps in matching, contrasting or just to accentuate your outfit without the great expense or time of shopping for each specific look.  Simply change out your bra straps to a shoulder jewelry style and you are ready for your next grand entrance.

Back to the original question; Do those bra straps make your look “sexy”?  We say there is a time for it and the coffee shop is usually not the time.  We simply suggest you replace your current strap with something pretty or funky, or add a charm!.  Many times it isn’t until the end of a visit that I get the question, “Are those your bra straps? “  Onlookers find them pretty and subtle.  We find them comfortable, confident and fun! 

Be sure to review our styles.  Our latest is a Halter style in clear rhinestones.  


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