Nail Art –Can it be this easy?

  September 24, 2012

The new DIY Nail Art techniques are pretty cool! Have you seen this one?  You just paint nails a light color, apply newspaper strips to nails, lay a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol on paper strips. After the ink has bled through remove the cotton and paper.   Next, coat the nail with clear top coat to seal the treatment.  Easy- peasy and a statement piece for sure.   Do be sure to reapply that clear coat to keep the nail treatment alive.Try adding after doing dishes, or just nix that chore altogether.

There is even a new Home Based Business that has sprung up around the nail art craze.  It is called Jamberry Nail Shields ( and makes it possible to have the Minx nails at a fraction of the cost.  Certainly, you’ll see a similar product at your local Walgreens, Target and even Wal-Mart stores.  If done well, they look fabulous!  Be sure to mix these shields with the recent fad of making that ring finger nail different than the other nails.  Paint the ring finger to be the only nail with a print or the only nail to be a solid. 

Glitter will never stop being fabulous so completely cover that nail or use it sparingly.  Every day is a good day for some sparkle!  One of our favorites is the ombre effect.  There are a couple different techniques on our pinterest board.

If you are looking for some inspiration this week, be sure to get on pinterest.  In fact, visit us at and check out our Nail Art Board.  Try your own nail treatment…maybe you'll find inspiration from the Strappy’s collection!

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