Wearing Fall Color- Trends 2012

    Isn’t if fun to transition into a new season?  We get to expand our wardrobes into new creations as we mix two seasons together.  We don’t always love the extra clothing but layers are  necessary as we never know how the weather will change. However they do create opportunity for new looks we may not have considered. 

Here are the Pantone colors for Fall 2012 to get you inspired and on top of trends as you step out to update your closet. 

There are a lot of jewel tones which are common for Fall, however this year you’ll note a few soft colors thrown in the mix.  What catches our eye is the unique color pairing.  Note the distinct difference of the pastel “Rose Smoke” and “Tangerine Tango” and “Honey Gold”.  This is a fun color combination yet unexpected.   “If you look at fashion right now – there is such a tremendous explosion of contrasting prints and colors – I love it!  The unexpected or what some say “ugly” color can really appear beautiful if paired with the right thing (or other color).” Kara Ross, Accessories Designer.

Consider mixing your colors through different textiles as well.  Look for heavy twills and knits from Tommy Hilfiger.  They are using many colors in the Olympian Blue and Rhapsody color families.   

A very popular trend emerging is the dark red or wine inspired leathers.  Look for it in a book, handbag, wrap skirt or commit with a long leather trench coat.  As you may have seen, the military trend is strong this year as well as lace.  These are two opposite trends so find your style and wear it confidently.

No matter your part of the world, you will have fun this Fall.  Get out and discover your options and celebrate color by being bold and confident.  Coco Chanel said, “The best color in the world is the one that looks good on you”. Find it, wear it and smile!


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