Save Time with Permanent Cosmetics

Nothing is more frustrating in the morning than running late and trying to apply your makeup neatly for the busy day ahead. You don't want to be at a meeting and have  someone tell you your mascara is running. That's just not attractive! There are many reasons women are opting for permanent makeup and semi-permanent eyelashes. Simplyfablife had an interview with a mother and daughter who did the permanent makeup and love it.

Permanent makeup is essentially a tattoo meant to last the rest of your life. Eye brows, eye liner and lips can be done by tattooing on the right shade for you. This procedure is done exactly like a tattoo - with an ink gun. A licensed artist with experience in cosmetic tattoos is recommended. Salons also train certified cosmetic technicians for this and some medical offices offer this as well. Your initial result can be fairly harsh in appearance but it is guaranteed to fade in just a few days. Eye brows are done most sparingly so that a natural look is achieved. Esther Rodriguez from West Palm Beach was the first in her family to get tattooed eyeliner at the base of  her bottom eye lashes and at the top rim of upper lashes. Esther had her procedure done at a West Palm Beach Spa and said it took about an hour and a half. " My procedure was very painful and I wish they used a numbing agent like they do at medical centers. It took a long time because I had to take breaks to deal with the pain." said Esther. Her procedure cost her $500.00 and she felt it was 100% worth it. Esther loves how fresh looking she stays at work and after a day at the beach. " I save now not having to purchase expensive eye pencils every month" said Esther.

Ari Rodriguez is Esther's Mother who loved her daughter's look so much that she decided to have the procedure done in a medical office that offered this service. Ari had her eyebrows, and eyes done upper and lower for liner. Ari claimed she was puffy around her tattoos and bruised for less than a week. The numbing agent she had before her procedure did help her but she admitted that this beauty procedure comes at the cost of some pain. The antibiotic cream she was given to use for one week seemed to help her heal quickly. Ari wants to recommend this to all women who love to wear makeup, and advises you to show up in the makeup you regularly wear  so they match your permanent look exactly. Ari is very happy with her results, and feels she looks years younger. She works as part of a busy CVS management team and loves how fresh she stays all day. Ari is also an avid  swimmer and loves not worrying about running makeup now.

The hottest new procedure for eye lashes now is semipermanent extensions from xtreme lashes, Single strands of synthetic lashes are applied to your natural lashes and last indefinitely with routine touch-ups. They are weightless for a full and natural look, water resistant and worry free. Most women don't even use any mascara with these because they look better on their own. These are applied by a certified xtreme lash stylist near you. 60 to 120 lash extensions are applied to one natural lash at a time, and a full set cost around $350.00. Every 2 to 4 weeks you need to go in for a touch-up, after time your touch -ups may be less frequent as you become used to your extensions more and maintain them better. The bonding agent used is the same strong adhesive used for medical sutures, skin safe.

Think what a breeze your routine will be with permanent makeup and xtreme lashes.

I do think about it but the word permanent always scares me.

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