Join the Soulful Charms Tribe

I feel like I know Laura Bucholtz, but we have never met.   I discovered her Soulful Charms, charm bracelets, when visiting a friend in San Diego.  I bought them and then had  to find out the whole story.   Soulful Charms are no ordinary charm bracelets. They hold special meaning and intention – spreading good luck, good health and good energy to all who wear them or give them as gifts.

Laura Bucholtz created Soulful Charms as a way for women to band together as a tribe of positivity, health and goodness to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. Inspired by the most courageous, amazing women – friends, loved ones, cancer survivors and the mighty souls who walked in the "Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk,"

Bucholtz said, “Soulful Charms are dedicated to a tribe of special women who I hold close to my heart...” A friend who celebrated her 3 year anniversary as a breast cancer survivor during the 3 Day Walk in November 2008 and is now positively overcoming a secondary diagnosis of acute leukemia; a friend and neighbor who passed away on Christmas Eve 2008 after battling breast cancer for two years, leaving behind her husband and two young children; my sister-in-law Kim who lost her sister at age 34 to breast cancer and was survived by her husband and three young children; and my mom Lynne, who at age 16, lost her mother Lily to breast cancer.

Soulful Charms radiate positive, soulful energy for healing, friendships, gratitude and good luck. Every Soulful Charms bracelet is hand-made. The moment you purchase a set of Soulful Charms Bracelets, you become something bigger than yourself. Your act of kindness goes out to the universe carrying the positive energy you just created. And because it is in giving that we receive, you and your new charms also become positively charged with the energy from all the beautiful, fun and caring women who also wear these Soulful Charms.

soulful charms bannerLaura needed to raise funds for her 3-Day Walk and tapped into her family resources in Brazil.  Each of her bracelets is hand made and she chose her charms for their specific meanings, which you can read about on her site  I have a feeling that Laura's entrepreneurial spirit is fueled by an inner energy and positive spirit that surrounds Laura.  Join her tribe by purchasing a set of bracelets for yourself or a friend.

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