7 Steps to The Beach Hair Look

The hottest new summer hair style for medium to long length hair is sporting the look of hair that has been at the beach all day, kissed by the perfect breeze and sunlight. Hair stylist Wesley with Free people is featured in a YouTube tutorial teaching these 7 easy steps for Beach Hair. While there are many variations by stylist to achieve this tousled look, Wesley's is easy to follow and gives fantastic results that last. Grab a curling iron (small barrel), thickening spray, sectioning clips, light dry hair spray, texturizing spray and a blow dryer.

1. Start with dry unwashed hair, and run fingers from top to bottom to gently separate any tangles. Clean hair is not recommended for this style, best results are obtained by up to 3 days of no washing.

2. Use a good thickening spray, Aussie products make a great one, as well as Garnier Fructis. Work thickening spray through with your hands, with a blow dryer do a quick rough dry to set the spray in. This step gives the hair lift and texture.

3. This step calls for your small barreled curling iron. Take small sections of hair starting with the front and clip into sections. First loosely curl any hairs left out of sections ,than curl hair in front sections one at a time away from the face. Don't curl all the way to the ends for a more natural look. The idea is to loosely curl to keep natural and around face only curl away from face, curling towards closes face into a boxed look.

4. In the back of head you can curl in any direction, Wesley suggests you rotate from curling to the back and than to the front. Remember not to curl to the ends.

5. Take a light dry spray and use it all through the hair. Run your fingers through hair, this gives grip and set's your curls.

6. Wesley recommends a good texturizing spray for this step like Bumble and Bumble, available at www.bumbleandbumble.com . This gives the hair a dry texture as if you have been to the beach. Spray it in well to dampen all of the hair with the product. This allows the curls to fall and by using your hands to scrunch until product drys you will have the most natural effect.

7. The last step is to turn head upside down and shake to give fullness. Flip head up and use fingers to adjust face framing pieces and off you go.

Follow Wesley's 7 easy tips for fooling the girls into thinking you just left the beach with a great natural hair style. Enjoy your summer with this fun tousled look!]]

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