5 Tips on a Budget for Looking Younger

We all want younger looking skin and the latest products to help us maintain our appearance.  The cost of these  products could really break the bank! A few simple tips though can keep you looking great and holding on to your pay checks much longer.

1. Lipsticks work best on conditioned/moisturized lips. Buying a favorite shade plus a moisturizing primer could cost over $20.00.  Use chapstick or a plumper like Carmex under your lipsticks at an average price of $2.00 and what a remarkable savings for the same ingredients.  Also applying  a moisturizer like A&D Ointment or  Blistex (in the blue container) every night will help keep your lips moist and plumped.

2. Vitamin E oil is one  the top ingredients listed in facial moisturizers, this is one product that can be very expensive. Purchase of a jar of vitamin E oil  at a fraction of the cost of facial creams. A small amount of this oil is all that is needed on wrinkles. This oil is great applied to lips at night as well.

3. Don't discard old mascaras, once they dry out they are perfect for eye brows. The brush, on light or thin brows, adds color and a fuller appearance. This trick saves money on the purchase of expensive pencils and looks more natural then drawing in a pencil line.   This is the cheap way around purchasing Lancome's Brow Control which is $22.

4. Lipstick used as blush is so smart, one small dab on apple of the cheek, blended well, will  last longer and looks more natural then brushed on powder. While out and about lipstick won't crack in your purse like a powder blush can after  bouncing around all day inside your purse. Some shades look fantastic as an eye shadow. One stick in the right shade can go a long way!   This is not a new concept.  Benefit Cosmetics has Benetint which is the same concept.  Before Benetint they had the perfect shade for my lips and cheeks.  But, alas, it has been discontinued.  Benetint will set you back $28.

5. Creams for redness and irritation are expensive as well as some requiring a prescription to obtain. Milk is the perfect solution. Milk ( 2% or higher) contains proteins, fat, amino acids, and vitamin A which all aid in the reduction of irritation and redness. Try this milk face mask for rejuvenating dry skin:  Mix 1/2 cup of brown sugar, 3 TBSP of milk and 1TBSP of honey.  After washing your face, apply the mask to face and neck and rub gently.  Relax and leave on skin for 20 minutes.  Rinse face with warm water and pat dry.

Five simple tips that have you saving money and looking sensational, now that is simply fabulous!

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