Tips for Packing Your Suitcase

Nothing can be more frustrating than arriving at your travel destination and having to dig through your suitcase for something you need in a hurry! A neatly packed suitcase can soon turn into a disaster, wasting your time and causing tension. Organization is what will set you free, free to enjoy that vacation, free to be on time on a business trip and free of chaos. Freedom while traveling on your next trip all starts with your packing skills, let's learn a few tricks on the art of packing your suitcase.

Before you actually pack, lay out all of your outfits on your bed.  Now accessorize them - jewelry, shoes, belts, socks, undergarments.  What a mess, now you have to get everything into your suitcase. Let's organize it.

The next time you finish a carton of eggs save your carton. Earrings, rings, and all other small accessories can be placed in each egg slot and 12 pieces are now  easily organized and kept safe in your bag. It may even be helpful to pack two, one  for your daytime accessories and another for evening. Keep a stock of plastic ziploc bags handy for anything small, delicate or possibly leaky. Plastic bags work great for packing socks, stockings and delicate lingerie, keeping them free from snags. Color coordinating these items can really have you looking like a pro! If only bringing one bag as so  many of us do now to save on airline charges, packing shoes can be a challenge. Take a garbage bag and line the bottom of your suitcase , then lay your shoes on  top and cover with another bag to form a barrier from clothing, again you could even make two separate layers for casual and formal. Formal attire is always recommended to remain in a garment bag and should be your one carry on if flying. Nothing would be more of a disaster than your wedding dress, or your $300.00 suit getting misplaced by the airlines.  Carry on  the clothing that can't be replaced for a specific event. Perfume is wonderful, but not if the entire bottle spills into your belongings! Always pack perfume in a plastic storage bag with extra packing material inside the bag to prevent breakage and leaks.  While packing, keep your clothes together  in outfits.  You've already done the work.  Keep them together!

Knowing what you will be doing the minute you arrive will help you determine what goes into the top of the bag, the easiest to access. If you are hitting the beach the minute you arrive in Florida then have that beach bag (with swim suits, coverups, sunscreen,etc.) packed and placed in the top of your luggage. When going on a themed vacation such as the beach, cruise or formal event make a list. Your list should include all the little things that are easy to forget such as: accessories, all forms of lingerie needed, sun screen and cover up and of course all shoes needed. Organize and pack like a pro and your travels will be a breeze!

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