2009 Summer Color Trend: Brown and Green

With decorating trends steering toward the green movement, it comes as no surprise that the color green is making a big impact again, especially when it is paired with brown.  Brown has become the popular neutral of the last few years, looking fresh with nearly any color it is paired with.  As the trendy blue and brown trend starts to tire, the brightness of green has taken its place.

For those with a cutting edge color sense,  combining an acid green and chocolate brown is a great look.  The darkness of the brown juxtaposed with the bright color makes it literally jump and shake.  Throw in a little white, and the combination is thrilling and of the moment.  Large scale patterned wallpapers with solid, textured seating emphasize this color combination in modern interiors.  Furnishings are more minimal, allowing the color to saturate the room.  For a bigger punch, throw in a touch of orange or bright yellow.  Romo's fabric collections are perfect for this look.

The opposite effect is using an earthy green with a softer, mellow toned brown.  The result is a more calming and sophisticated look.  Soft textural fabrics in soft shades of green, along with touches of brown and even a little metallic give an elegant, but current look to interiors.  The key is combining patterns with elements of embroidery, geometrics, and touchable textures for an inviting décor.  One of the most beautiful collections to feature this combination comes from Highland Court's Phillip Gorvan.

The combination of brown and green can have a long lasting life when used in a way that is not too modern, not too traditional.  Use a medium toned green that can be combined with golds or reds for a timeless feel.  Softer apple greens work well with nearly any color, and are not as harsh.]]>

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