Double Duty Rooms: Creating a Home Office

With the recession in full swing, more women are looking for ways to earn extra income, particularly from home.  Depending on the type of work, a home office may be needed.  But what if the home has no more room to spare to create an office?
A home office doesn't have to have a specific room designated for it, especially if space is maxed out already.  Think outside the box and decide which room provides an area conducive to multi-tasking.  Often the home office combines the functions of home, school, and work all in one space.
A home office does have a few requirements:  good lighting, storage, access to technology, and comfortable ergonomic seating.  There may be two or three good areas to utilize as the office - consider the living room, dining room, or even a wide closet.  The key is to create a work space that doesn't add extra mess and additional work.
With the living room, a console table or small desk can be placed behind a sofa or against a wall.  The desk chair can easily be pulled in as additional seating if there are extra guests.  Utilizing a secretary or drop-down desk works well as they are easily closed up.  File cabinets can be slip-covered to double as pedestals.  A table with an attractive shirred skirt velcroed to it can hide cords or file boxes underneath.  Bookcases are perfect in nearly any room, and can showcase items as well as provide hidden storage.

A dining room comes with a desk in it already.  The key is being able to pick up the area quickly and store it efficiently, so that the shuffling of documents doesn't end up with lost items.  This room can end up cluttered easily, so using a credenza with pull out drawers or doors that not only stores plates, but accommodates important files works well.  Look for a piece that allows things to be put away without having to create messy piles each time they get picked up.  Storage such as lidded file cabinets tuck into shelves nicely.
If there is a wide closet to spare, then look no further for a compact office.  Two file cabinets with a narrow top can be set inside to create a desk.  The back wall can have cork tiles applied for an instant bulletin board.  Once you are done working, simply close up the door.
Look around your home for other areas that seem conducive to working in.  You may be surprised by the options, and be able to keep the utilitarian aspect under control.]]>

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