Here's A Quick Way to Have a Purse You Can Be Proud Of - MILK it!

No I'm not talking about spending a fortune on the latest IT Bag.  Anyone who knows me knows I wouldn't drop major coin on this beautiful Prada purse.  But yes, I love it!  I'm talking about the INSIDE organization of your purse.

I found it embarrasing after a while to open my purse and have to dig through everything to find my wallet or keys or my singing cell phone.  I also noticed that people will look inside your purse when you open it.  I guess we're all just fascinated with what others carry around with them.

Have you weighed your purse lately?  I've had 2 shoulder surgeries now and wonder if my purse, and the weight of it didn't aggravate the condition.  Let's face it, if you're a suburban lady running around in your car most of the day, shouldn't you just store all that stuff in a nice place in your car?  I've learned to keep extra make-up - mascara and lipstick -hand sanitizer and tissues, gum, kids Legos, paperback novels, etc. in my car in their own little compartments.

I very often go back to this saying that a friend used many years ago, "Just don't forget the MILK."  Huh?  Yes M for Money (credit cards, what you pay with), I for Iphone and ID, L for Lipstick, K for Keys.  And really, if I have all that I should be fine.  If I switch purses to go out in the evening, once in a blue moon, this always runs through my head, M-I-L-K, "Don't forget the MILK" , money, iphone, ID, lipstick, keys.

So maybe when shopping for my spring purse I can KISS - keep it simple sweetheart - and choose a smaller lighter bag to keep organized in.  Here are some fun shopping sites for purses,,, and]]>

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