Do You Go Commando? Tired of Panty Lines?

If you do go commando you  tired of the panty lines already.  If you don't you may have said, "Something needs to come between me and my Calvin Kleins, or perhaps Hudsons!" But here is a comfortable, sanitary, sexy way to go panty free...go Commandos Patches. They are a revolutionary, uniquely- shaped, disposable cotton patch that securely sticks in the curved crotch seam of your jeans or pants so you can go underwear free in cotton comfort and protection, the most important benefit of underwear.

Why, When, Where would you wear these?

If you hate VPL’s, Visible Panty Lines, or thongs, G-strings, wedgies, bulky panties,seek the comfort benefits of no panties but still want the cotton comfort and protection, these are for you.

What's to lose but a little bulk and some panty lines.  I think you'll like them!


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