Strappys were the original fashion solution

bra straps from Stappys fabric bra strap collection

I guess this Fashion meets Function blog came together because I like things to be functional. I'm not a real frilly over the top kind of gal. But as a gal we have a hard time not falling for pretty or sexy or cool fashions and accessories. I always try to remember the mantra of needs vs. wants and be reasonable. Of course, when the item I'm desiring has a specific purpose, it sure helps me to justify that the need is strong and it outweighs the mere want.

So Strappys Decorative Bra Straps was born out of necessity. I couldn't figure out how to wear tanks and spaghetti strap t's with my strapless bra AND keep strapless bra up.I am not one to just run around with ugly bra straps showing so I had to decorate them. That was fun! Then I looked around and found so many options available. I just had to have them all. I really needed them. Since then I have found so many cool fashion solutions on the market. I want to try them all and hear from people who have invented, designed , use, swear by and can't live without these products. I'm looking forward to the adventure...


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