Fall Fashion Combinations Found in this Fashion Bra Strap


October 15, 2012

Are you looking at the upcoming season and wondering where these color combinations are originating?  Really, who puts an electric royal blue with that florescent yellow we keep seeing? 

If you are having trouble with bright hues on your tights and just want to keep to all over flattering dark colors we have a few ideas for you.  We can all stay on trend without stepping more than one foot out of our comfort zone.

Add color in fun and unexpected ways and we don’t mean tights.  Do you like belts?  They come in any color these days and can be worn outside a buttoned up cardigan or with a fitted dress.  Yes, you can still wear them in your belt loops on your pants or a skirt, but don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Handbags are a safe way to experiment with color.  Don’t be afraid to use a contrasting color to your outfit and the new rule is there are no rules so shoes and handbag no longer need to match.

We are really into colored jeans this season.  This is tricky for those of us with larger jean sizes; however I personally am on a quest to find the right cut so I can make this work.  If you are ready to experiment with patterned jeans beware…watch which direction the pattern runs.  For example, keep the patterns going up and down to keep a long and lean look.    

Finally, if you want to try out the new color combinations yet are not confident enough to match them up, do find a patterned sweater, shirt or scarf.  Floral and bold patterns are back in fashion and a fast way to update your wardrobe.  Fall into color with our new Multi Colored Crystal Bra Straps which was inspired by all of these bright fall colors! 


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