Sizzling Summer Beauty and Style Must Haves for 2012


must have maxi dress 2012must have summer hats 2012 Halter rhinestone bra straps

Now that the 4th of July has come and gone, we have one more holiday party – Labor Day Weekend.  However, let’s not forget all the summer fashion fun before then.  We still have many opportunities to look and dress our best for summer 2012.

We have compiled some summer fashion and beauty must haves to get you through these last warm (or HOT) months.

1.)   A healthy summer glow is for everyone.  At Strappys we know women come in all colors and while we don’t promote skin cancer we do condone a summer tan for those of us on the more transparent side of skin tone.  How to achieve a healthy tan?  Some have mastered the technique of the at home sunless tanning lotions or found the ease of a spray tan booth.  Did you know there are some tricks to using shading of these products to eliminate the appearance of cellulite?  It is all in the application. (slightly double up on back of thighs and inner thighs to decrease appearance of dimples).  And don't forget bronzer for your face- a favorite summer beauty product.

2.)   Stylish summer hats; hat head is encouraged.  Signs of aging will happen.  We can fight it in many ways and one easy solution is to cover up from the sun.  90% of aging is from the sun so seek a great hat.  If you need sunglasses you can be sure a hat is appropriate.  They come in all styles, sizes and price ranges.  Do you really need any more reason to go shopping!?

3.)   To SPF or not to SPF, that is the question!  Oh, you know the answer to this one!  Sunscreen and sunscreen again is your best defense against aging.  Be sure to use on hands, neck, shoulders, decolletage and face as these areas show signs of aging first!

4.)   Maxi Dress or Skirt.  Your closet is not in 2012 unless you own one of these.  Don’t be shy.  A general rule is to be careful of just how much fabric you are wearing.  Too much can make even the most thin girl large and watch the size of your prints.  Too small of a print or too big of a print can ruin your proportions and turn that maxi dress into a muumuu. (please don’t let your bra hang out of that beautiful dress…see below)

5.)   Shoulder Bling!  Duh, we have to mention Strappys bling bra straps.  Be sure you have support and function with all these great new styles out for summer.  Did you know we even carry a halter style rhinestone bra strap?  I know, right?!

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