Meal and Menu Planning for Busy Moms

For my first entrepreneurial women post I had to choose Dawn Billesbach.  Dawn is the mastermind behind  What started as a posting of recipes and menus  for her family and friends, soon became an online business with subscribers from around the world.  Each week Dawn  puts together a menu and shopping list for her subscribers.  Every Friday morning I wake up to an e-mail that has a shopping list broken down into categories , fruit and vegetable, dairy, meat, etc. - (very efficient).  On the list is everything you will need for the week's menu.  So meal-planning and shopping  literally take about one hour thanks to Dawn.

Adapting this plan into our lives, as a family, has made a big difference.  The most stressful part of getting dinner on the table is trying to figure out what to cook with what's in the fridge and pantry.  This stress has been eliminated.

My first concern was whether or not my kids, who prefer plain food" that doesn't touch anything else," would eat the recipes that Dawn dishes out.  My favorite story is the one where my kids would go, "oh no, she's cooking in the crockpot - Yuk."  Now that yuk meal from the crockpot  has become a favorite .
Dawn's weekly newsletters always impart some little piece of advice that I can really use - like throw at least one load of laundry in every day so you don't have to spend one day every week doing laundry.  Yep, that works too!

Dawn has been featured on tv, radio stations and newspapers across the country.   So why was I so surprised that while on vacation I plopped down at the pool with a copy of Redbook, April and there she was, an article about Menufortheweek taking up most of page 132.

Dawn is a very busy Mom of two who works outside the home and inside the home, yet she still manages to put dinner on the table every night and photograph it so you and I can see the yummy food that she's dishing up in her newsletters.  Dawn makes us realize that if we have a talent for putting something together, a weekly plan and menu, then you can take your talents and turn them into a business.  If you've heard, "you're so good at this, you should start a business!"  Maybe you should!

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