Solution for disappearing socks

Solution for disappearing socks!!!

I've been doing my own informal survey and have found that most women struggle with mismatched and lost socks.  Yeah!  It's not just me.  I have found that people put them in drawers, plastic containers, bags, etc. to match up later.  I do the same.

The simplest and cheapest solution I know of is this.  Buy a couple packs of safety pins.  Have each person pin their socks together BEFORE they throw them in the dirty clothes basket.  They will go through the washer and dryer like this and come out as a pair. You can even put them away pinned together if you want. My husband and I did this until our first child could crawl.  We didn't want safety pins around that he could swallow.

I knew someone had to have a more sophisticated solution to this problem so here it is...Sockpro Sock Holders.  They keep socks together in the washer and dryer.]]>

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