Bra Accessories are a hot trend


Australia's models are flaunting decorative bra straps!  At Strappys we've known that a decorative bra strap added to a strapless bra will not only make you look classy, but it will keep your strapless bra in place.  Add another classy reason to wear a beautiful bra strap on your strapless bra.


"If your bra straps are going to show , then they should be beautiful.  Why not wear a beautiful accessory, rather than worry about your ugly bra strap being on display.  Women want to go out feeling beautiful and self confident.  Strappys can help with that! says, Allison Mercer, President and owner of the company that has been selling designer bra straps for 8 years.

Strappys that would be similar to the ones pictured on the Australian models are shown here







The mid back black beaded bra strap is very comfortable and classy enough to wear to a very formal event with a strapless dress. The mid back rhinestone bra strap is clear diamond like crystals that shimmer beautifully in open back tops or strapless dresses.

Feel beautiful and confident in strapless attire by wearing bra strap accessories from Strappys.

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